Last summer’s BLM protests were not the same as the U.S. Capitol attack.

The U.S. Capitol observed behind security fencing, February 2021. Photo by this author. All Rights Reserved.

Can we predict when right-wing extremist groups will adopt terrorism?

An Ohio Proud Boys member, by Paul Becker via Flicker

Maradona was more than a footballer and football amongst Nations is often more than just football.

Jack Hunter via Unsplash

China’s systemic oppression of the Uyghurs has risen to the level of State terrorism.

Uyghur Awareness Stand in Amsterdam, Holland, March 2019. Picture by this author. All Rights Reserved.

The answer is more complicated than you may think.

by Gayatri Malhotra via Unsplash photos.

The United States has an opportunity to correct course in its fight against terrorism.

(DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Mancini, U.S. Army)

John Arias

I write about foreign affairs & international security.

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